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Tech billionaires and fashionable philanthropy

To most people, the obvious benefit of having money is that it covers day-to-day living, and for those with savings, a limited buffer against the idiosyncrasies of the future. For ‘the relatively wealthy,’ money offers additional benefits like comfortable travel, great restaurants, an upscale car, as well as a layer of protection against health issues and added security.

The super-rich, like those included in the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, are in a different world. The competition in the wealth sweepstakes used to be ‘Net Worth’ as listed in Forbes magazine. Now, the competition is focused on ‘who gives away the most,’ and fortunately the race to give the most away…

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Case Study: Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson Becomes More Accessible to its Clients with Country-Specific Toll Free VoIP Numbers Company: Butterfield & Robinson “We needed a way to expand into new markets and offer a sales and service...