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Focus and productivity

How to stay focused and be more productive in the workplace

No matter what your role is in the workplace staying focused is always difficult. Procrastination affects everybody, especially in a technology driven world. Even so, to be an effective employee you must stay on task and be productive. I took the time to speak with some of babyTEL sales team members to find out how they stay productive. I’ll outline the feedback below: Limit Your Stimulation: In a world built on multitasking, focusing on one thing seems impossible. Luckily, it’s not. By limiting your stimulation, you’ll be able to buckle down and complete tasks quicker. Try limiting push notifications on your phone during the day. Push notifications are designed to steal our attention, limiting them will allow for more focus. You can also use headphones. The beauty of headphones today is that they have a mic built in. That means in a sales department, you can answer incoming calls even [. . .]

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Case Study: Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson Becomes More Accessible to its Clients with Country-Specific Toll Free VoIP Numbers Company: Butterfield & Robinson “We needed a way to expand into new markets and offer a sales and service...