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It’s time to resurrect voicemail

Voicemail is Still Relevant If there’s one thing about voicemail that’s on the upswing it’s the growing disdain for a once crucial piece of communication technology. Mention “voicemail” to anyone under the age of 30 and you’re likely to stir up some negative reactions. Millennials grew up with texting. Today, daily usage of texting continues to increase while use of voicemail declines. Folks under a certain age don’t understand the pain that came with voicemail. We used to physically attach a separate machine to our already bulky analog phones for the privilege of playing back voice messages. The New York Times reported that an etiquette school teacher includes “voice mail skills” in classes because “she often finds them lacking polish.” The reports about the demise of voicemail are a mix of truth and exaggeration. Like how we’ve heard that the fax machine is extinct or that cursive handwriting is no [. . .]

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Case Study: Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson Becomes More Accessible to its Clients with Country-Specific Toll Free VoIP Numbers Company: Butterfield & Robinson “We needed a way to expand into new markets and offer a sales and service...