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Alexa, Amazon Cloud Communications

Alexa, what are Amazon’s plans for Cloud Communications?

Despite calls for the death of telecommunications, it hasn’t disappeared yet and—despite the rhetoric—it doesn’t actually appear that it’s in any hurry to do so. The reason for this disconnect is actually quite simple. Terms like telephone, phone call, dialing, and others have historically been synonymous with traditional networks. Certainly, those networks are dying and have already started to disappear in some countries. So, while traditional telecommunications may be taking its final curtain call, the broader concept of “communication” is here to stay. Newsflash: humans communicate. I get it. Cutting edge technology is cool and phones are “boring.” But the only question that should be on our minds is “do our systems, networks, and devices effectively enable all of the ways in which we communicate or has our love of smartphones left some of our needs wanting? As a certifiable old person, I actually miss the phone hanging on the [. . .]

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Case Study: Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson Becomes More Accessible to its Clients with Country-Specific Toll Free VoIP Numbers Company: Butterfield & Robinson “We needed a way to expand into new markets and offer a sales and service...