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talking to my phone

Sorry I was Talking to my Phone

Less than 20 years ago, texting was a novelty service on mobile phones that required users to become well-acquainted with their cellular’s keyboard if they wanted to master the T9 format of predictive text. Nowadays, we can text with smooth swipes across the keyboard, with the technology within these phones being smart enough to piece together your intended word by interpreting the keys you’re swiping over. Better yet, we can talk to our phones instead of using our hands at all. This differs greatly from the fact that we can call our friends to talk to them, because it’s becoming more and more likely that you’d prefer to send your friend a text than pick up the phone and chat for 30 minutes. In fact, the amount of monthly text messages sent has risen by a staggering 7,700% over the last ten years. So what are we doing if we’re [. . .]

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Case Study: Butterfield & Robinson

Butterfield & Robinson Becomes More Accessible to its Clients with Country-Specific Toll Free VoIP Numbers Company: Butterfield & Robinson “We needed a way to expand into new markets and offer a sales and service...