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3 ways SIP trunking can pay dividends for small retailers

Retailers can gain a competitive advantage and save money by simplifying their telephony infrastructure and reducing the cost of management that goes along with it. SIP trunking can give such organizations the facility to save money and consolidate their traditional telephone services onto one Internet communications link. This process begins with a VoIP small business phone solution, but extends to other services that are particularly valuable in the retail sector.
To understand the full benefits of SIP trunking, it is important to first take a cursory glance at the technology.

The technological side of SIP trunking

SIP trunking is the service that makes VoIP (Voice over IP) work over the Internet. SIP Trunking does this by virtualizing the phone service. This means that your telephone calls will now run over your Internet link along with your data/web traffic.

no longer need to have your phone number attached to a specific destination or analog telephone line. As a result, you can use the same number across multiple devices and services. All of this is possible because SIP trunking provides an interconnect between multiple types of telephone networks.
This technological framework creates incredible potential for small retailers.

Ways that SIP trunking benefits small retailers

While there are plenty of advantages to a SIP trunking-based small business phone plan, a few stand out in particular for retailers.

1. Reduce Management costs
If you’re a small retailer you begrudgingly spend money on maintaining your phone system and phone sets. Making any change to your phone system means calling for a technician to come on site, who may not be available in your timeframe. The cost of bringing in a technician often stops small retailers from making any changes at all, and existing within a half-working environment.
This is where the virtual nature of a SIP trunking strategy really stands out. The technology allows companies to make their voice calls over the Internet link, thus the need for managing only one communications link, rather than two (the internet and the Analog telephone line(s)). SIP Trunking uses your Internet connection just like a regular telephone line. Additionally, your IT staff can manage any Moves, Adds and Changes through a remote session over the Internet, rather than having an expensive on-site visit from a technician.

2. Cost efficiency
Small businesses in particular must carefully evaluate the kind of return they will get for investing in technology. This means not only considering how much a technology costs, but how much value it delivers. Small business phone solutions are particularly valuable in this area when they are built on SIP trunking functionality. This technology democratizes advanced telephone capabilities. This results in a situation in which businesses of all sizes, including small retailers, can take advantage of enterprise-class call management functions without taking on excess costs.

3. Modem-over-IP
Modem-over-IP services may be an incredibly small niche, but they are precisely what small retailers require. Many small retailers are using legacy point-of-sale devices that get the job done, but require an analog modem connection to function. This is incredibly problematic because replacing the POS device can be an expensive and time-consuming process, but using the dial-up connection requires a costly analog line and can be annoying to deal with. A modem-over-IP service enabled by SIP trunking provides an inexpensive way to make these modem calls and remove the costly analog line.

SIP trunking delivers these promises through an on-site or Cloud based PBX. babyTEL Cloud PBX allows organizations to take full advantage of advanced telephone resources without having to invest in the underlying hardware that makes it possible. The PBX system and SIP trunk are hosted at the third-party facility, turning a capital cost that many small retailers cannot afford, into a manageable operational fee.
Small retailers stand to gain considerably from SIP trunking as the technology and low cost can help them unlock capabilities that would otherwise be out of reach.

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