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Productive meetings

How you can make your meetings more productive

Meetings are still very important in today’s business culture. Still, there are times when meetings lack focus or get derailed. This wastes everybody’s time, and interrupts the workflow. With that, I’ll list some ways to make your meetings more productive.

Make sure the meeting has a purpose:

At babyTEL we’ve adopted the agile product management method. In Agile every meeting has a clear goal. Whether it be a scrum, planning meeting or a review, all attendees know what to expect. Even so, not all companies use Agile. As a result employees often attend useless meetings that could have been emails. Without a clear goal in mind everybody’s time gets wasted.

Invite the right people:

If you invite the wrong people to a meeting, you’re making a huge mistake. Meeting attendees should only be people involved in the particular task at hand. By having the wrong people in meetings you lose their attention very quickly. This creates a domino effect. especially if they start talking to other people during the presentation. Also, you risk those who are unfamiliar with the information giving unnecessary input. By having the necessary people in a meeting you can be sure you’re actually making progress.

Be punctual:

When a meeting is organized, it’s only for a specific amount of time. If you don’t show up on time you risk the meeting bleeding into other events. If that happens there’s a possibility that the meeting doesn’t get finished. This creates setbacks, stalls tasks, and makes everybody involved fall behind.

If everybody honours the meeting time, things will work a lot better.

Pro Tip: If you’re the meeting leader, consider organizing the meeting 5 minutes earlier to account for stragglers. The extra five minutes will let the meeting flow as intended, or even end earlier.

Have a meeting leader:

You should always have a meeting leader. Without a conductor, no music would ever get played. A meeting leader is the one who makes sure everything stays on track, even if things get heated. They also make sure all the topics get covered. With a meeting leader moderating things, you can avoid chaos and be more productive.

Without meetings, tasks would never get done. Still it’s important that meetings are run properly. Not all meetings will be perfect, but following these tips should make a big difference.

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