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Equifax security

Equifax – A Company Named After Fax Should Have Been Armed for Modern Threats

Equifax security If you don’t read NextDraft, “The day’s most fascinating news from Dave Pell,” you should.

In fact, the title of this post is ripped directly from one of his daily newsletters right after the Equifax story broke.

Pell cleverly quipped, “Who would have guessed a company that named itself after a Fax would fail to be armed for modern threats?”

The wordplay gets a laugh, poking fun at the technology that people love to hate.

However, aside from Equifax having nothing to do with faxing, would you be surprised if I told you that the statement is untrue?

Encrypted Fax Protects You From Hackers

People may question why faxing still exists but those may be the same people that don’t realize how much faxing has been modernized to evolve with today’s workplace.

A 2013 Davidson Consulting report showed that the fax service market had a 15.2% growth rate which could not have occurred unless there was a need for fax and advancements in the technology that made it easier to use.
With IP-based faxing you don’t even need a phone line or a fax machine; all you need is an internet enabled device to send and receive faxes via email.

Yes, that means that you can fax from your smartphone.

The difference is that faxing is more secure than email and cannot be hacked into as easily.

With the right Fax over IP (FoIP) service provider you can send and receive encrypted faxes that are HIPAA compliant for healthcare data privacy regulations and SOX compliant for transmitting sensitive financial information.

Even with all of our communication advancements and the multiple ways that you can digitally send information, many industries still rely on faxing because a faxed document is accepted as a legal document. A real-time fax over the internet, with page by page confirmation, is given the same importance as a hand delivered file.

Faxing Is Just as Modern as Anything Else

Long ago it was predicted that email would replace faxing. Turns out however that when it comes to protecting your information, there are better ways to send encrypted data.

Encrypted email doesn’t work as well as encrypted fax, requiring the extra step of decryption when it’s received, which is why lawyers and bankers are still encouraged to send faxes.

Alexander Graham Bell made the first call in 1876 but we don’t call that technology outdated, we just incorporate it into our lives in new ways. If anything we’re going backwards into time, sending text messages all the time like some modern, instant telegram.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to communication. The availability of voice, video, email, text messaging, instant messaging, and social media prove otherwise. We use a variety of communication platforms for a variety of different reasons. Fax is no different and still plays a crucial role for prominent industries like healthcare, finance, legal, and logistics.

The 1980s may have been the heyday of faxing but, what’s old is new again. Faxing is on the internet and in the palm of your hand. Anything named after a Fax is quite modern and if Equifax was truly named after today’s powerfully encrypted Fax over IP, then it should been better prepared for modern security threats.

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