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Bot-to-Bot: What Your Avatar’s Saying About the Future of Conversation

In the future, your bot will talk to other bots.

Ultimately, the idea behind such conversations is to make you more productive. If you can imagine being more engaged at work instead of being bogged down by drudgery, then you can understand the benefits of bots talking to other bots.

The current problem with bots is getting them to understand human intent. You need only to scan news headlines to scratch your head at how unpredictable human intention can be. At this point, AI lacks the intelligence that people need for a user experience that isn’t frustrating.

Bots work best when intent is clearly defined where, for example, a chatbot is programmed to respond to specific words. Chatbots using machine learning, on the other hand, have been less successful like infamous AI bot Microsoft Tay.

Bots Take Action Without You Knowing

“Don’t you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you?”

That line from Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction encapsulates what a bot communication network could be – decisions and actions being taken without you even knowing it, freeing you to focus on the most important things.

Facebook AI researchers are currently working on a bot that can negotiate with other bots until a successful outcome is achieved. If you could send a bot out to your dirty work without you lifting a finger, just think about how much more productive you’d be with less stress.

We all love it when something gets done and we don’t even have to worry about it.

P.S. I’m Not a Bot

More than half of all web traffic is already made up of bots. As you can imagine, not all of these bots are on their best behavior. Scrapers, scammers, hackers, and impersonator bots are used for cyber attacks.
Many websites have a chat box that pops up, offering to help you. We’re getting so used to those chatbots that occasionally you’ll see one that says “P.S. I’m not a bot.” We’re not always talking to human until we’ve been vetted and screened.

Bots are performing automated tasks behind the scenes constantly, saving us time and doing things like organizing data faster than any human ever could.

A Juniper Research report shows that, by 2022, chatbots could save the healthcare and banking industry upwards of $8 billion GBP annually because of the reduction in reliance on human customer service representatives.

Bot-to-Bot Productivity

In the future, bots will be much better at personalizing a conversation with you based on your previous experiences with it, becoming much more human-like and adaptable than they are now. Bots talking to humans has a ways to go but our expectations are changing.

However, bots talking to other bots has already taken a big step forward with InterBot a, bot-to-bot communication platform.

What this means is that bots can now be used to talk to other bots and perform a variety of tasks for you. The bot from your dentist office could talk to your calendar bot to schedule your next appointment. You could have a shopping bot go out and find the best deal on a flight and then book it for you.

Realistically, bots could also replace APIs because connecting bots together does not require coding skills and, unlike APIs that are for computers only, bots have the ability to talk to humans and other bots.

So, if your bot ever gets stuck nailing down the best price for your latest must-have, it can call you for help, let your redefine your intent, and then go back out into the bot world to fight your battles.

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