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Khaled Tewfik
Contributor topics: Electronic Fax, Mobility, Technology Trends, Communication Trends
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Khaled is Vice President Technology at babyTEL. He has over 20 years engineering experience and a strong background in voice and fax communication technology. Khaled lead the design and development of babyTEL’s unified messaging system and the FaxPAD, the first Fax-over-IP platform successfully deployed by a national carrier (Singtel) for worldwide real-time fax delivery. Currently Khaled is a key member of the babyTEL concept and design team for new products and services.

What is Business Continuity?

When talking about business continuity and particularly when discussing disaster recovery, often one also needs to talk about communication services as these are critical to ensuring the success of such business initiatives.

Redundancy and SIP Trunking

If you are building a redundant setup for call handling using two or more SIP end-points, such as IP-PBXs or IP Fax Servers, you will want to consider ways to either load balance traffic between the end-points or have them…