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Brandon DiPerno
Contributor topics: Electronic Fax, Mobility, Technology Trends, Communication Trends

What you need to be a strong sales person

Strong sales people make strong companies. They bring in revenue, create contacts, and find what’s great about your product. Without strong sales people pitching, revenue would be nonexistent. For a company to continue innovating, it must have strong sales people.…

MVP is dead, long live MAS.

In the past, software development took a very long time. The entire process revolved around creating a perfect product. The problem with that method was that if your product didn’t work for users you’d have to start all over to…

40+ years of entrepreneurship, one lesson

Successful entrepreneurs respond to adversity well. The early career of technology pioneer, Stephen Dorsey is a great example. Several years after graduating from MIT, Dorsey founded AES Data Inc. There he developed one of the world’s first microprocessors. At the…